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Best Mobile App Development for Business | Ultimate IT

Thousands of mobile apps are developed every day and released on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Some of them are gaming apps; some are social networking apps, and e-commerce apps. Ultimate IT Solutions is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Chittagong & Bangladesh. As a leading mobile app development company in Bangladesh, we have an expert developers team who will help you to build your dream mobile application as per your requirements.

Mobile App Development Company in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Seeking for Mobile App Development Company in Chittagong & Bangladesh? You've arrived at the right location. We are one of the leading Mobile Application Development companies in Chittagong & Bangladesh

Our expert mobile app development team creates apps for almost all Play Store categories, including Social Media, Travel, Gaming, and Entertainment. We have proven expertise in developing Android mobile apps, ensuring value-added services for your mobile operations.

If you need a mobile app for your small business or you have a plan to develop a mobile application then don't hesitate to contact us. We provide affordable solutions for your specific business needs. We developed 50+ mobile apps for local and international clients.

Why choose Ultimate IT Solutions for your mobile app Development

Experienced Mobile App Developers:

We have an experienced mobile app developer who has lots of experience in developing large mobile applications

Expert UX Designer for iOS & Android:

UX design plays an important role in customer attachment. We have an experienced UX Designer who has lots of experience in designing UX for iOS & Android

Publish to the App Store and Google Play Store:

We have a great team of app developers who we’ll take care of everything, from the preliminary research through the final product in stores.


The app will be less expensive than competitors.

Quick Delivery:

We are very conscious about our Clint. Also, we maintain project delivery time. We ensure on-time delivery on the agreed-upon date.

Long-term Service Agreement:

Our minimum contract length for app development is one year.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your upcoming mobile app development needs.

Our Mobile App Design & Development Process

Analysis - 

Before going on to the next level, we conduct some extensive research and brainstorming. We also conduct a thorough analysis of your competitor's app to determine what features are missing in their app so that you can incorporate them into your own to make it stand out.

Process known -

The next stage is to document and wireframe the app so that you can see how it will work in the future. Wireframing will aid in the refinement of concepts and the proper placement of all design elements. In this initial step, any technical limitations discovered in the backend development process can be overcome.

Evaluation OF TECHNICAL Viability -

To determine whether your application's concept is technically possible, you must obtain public data using public APIs. An app's requirements will vary based on its format (smartphone, tablet, wearables, etc.) and platform (iOS, Android, etc.).

Technology -

A technology that quickly gets the app concept into the hands of a user to see how it works for the most typical use case. We'll identify a suitable prototype and let you touch it to get input, which we'll include in our work.


After you've completed this step, you may begin coding. The interaction between design elements is architected by our UX Designer.

6. App Create -

During this stage, our backend developers work to ensure that the app is up to par. The app is first highly flaky. As a result, the app should go through some light testing and bug fixes. The app then moves on to the deployment stage.

App Testing -

We test the app early and regularly after it is developed. And there are three steps to this testing. As a result, there's a very slim chance that your app will have major troubles. This will also help you save money.


Finally, we are ready to submit the app during the deployment step. And we'll release the software through several app shops.




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