Best Tiles and Sanitary Software in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Best Tiles and Sanitary Software in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Looking for sanitary software in Chittagong, Bangladesh to manage your sanitary business efficiently? We offer user-friendly & 100% secure software for Tiles & Sanitary Showroom across Bangladesh

Sanitary software helps handle all of your business processes successfully. It keeps track of shop stock levels for each brand at each level and arranges them properly. Sanitary software keeps track of product details and informs merchants about availability, out-of-stock, and in-stock situations.

Ultimate IT Solution Ltd. Titles and Sanitary software in Chittagong, Bangladesh develop to manage clients, quotes, sales, purchases, invoices, payments, accounts, and more. You can manage bills and accounts for single and multi-store businesses with the help of our Titles and Sanitary software. It's a scalable, adaptable retail management software that allows you to manage anything easily.



Why Choose Our Titles and Sanitary software in Chittagong, Bangladesh


  • Ultimate IT Sanitary Software is scalable, flexible retail management software. 

  • You can keep track of your inventory, manage supplier contacts, and create purchase orders. 

  • Create more successful, targeted marketing by keeping a database of your clients, their contact information, and purchase histories. 

  • With the help of our Titles and Sanitary software, you can analyze to identify patterns in your sales and make better decisions in the future to improve your business. 

  • Ultimate IT Titles and Sanitary software in Chittagong allowing you to manage multiple stores from a single location 

  • You'll also get an easy-to-use retail point-of-sale system to keep your lines moving and your customers satisfied. 

  • You can manage efficiently, vendors and suppliers with our titles and sanitary software

Call us to find out why so many clients have put their trust in us to supply them with the best software for Titles and Sanitary Showrooms for their company.

Features & Attributes of Ultimate  IT Tiles & Sanitary Software:

  • Multi Unit conversion System

  • Multi Unit & Value wise Stock report

  • Multi Grade Item entry process

  • Flexible for all Tiles, Sanitary, Marble, Granite & Stone products

  • Dynamic Wastage/Broken Report

  • Item short list search option for reorder

  • Multi branch management by one software.

Details Features of the Software:

Key Modules

  •  Dashboard
  •  Settings
  •  Customer / Sales Module
  •  Supplier / Purchase Module
  •  Stock/Inventory Module
  • ·Financial Accounting Module


  • Periodic Sales Graph
  •  Summary Link of Cash Book, Bank Book, Receivable, Payable, Cheque, Stock in hand
  • Quick Links


  • User Settings
  • Unit Settings
  • Location/ Ware House Settings
  • Financial Settings
  • List of Financial Year

Customer / Sales Module

  • Customer Entry
  • Customers List
  • Sales Entry  
  • Sales List
  • Sales Return Entry
  • Sales Return List
  • Sales View Report
    •  Total Sale
    • Category wise Sale
    • Date Range Wise Sale
    • Product wise sale

Suppliers / Purchase Module

  • Suppliers Entry
  • Suppliers List
  • Purchase Entry
  • Purchase List
  • Purchase View Report
    • Total Purchases
    • Supplier Wise Purchase
    • Date Range Wise Purchase
    • Category Wise purchase
    • Product Wise Purchase

Inventory Module

  • Product Category
  • New Product Entry
  • Purchase Return Entry
  • Delivery Challan Entry
  • Physical Stock Ledger

Tiles & Sanitary Software Reports


  • Product List
  • Stock Summary
  • Stock Details
  • Short in Stock
  • Out of Stock

Accounts Module:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Accounts Head Entry Form (Creating New Head of Accounts)
  • Single & Multi Voucher Entry Form
  • Single & Multi Journal Entry Form (Instant voucher Printing Facilities)
  • Voucher Edit & Delete Facilities
  • Cheque Entry Form
  • Cheque Register


  • Cash Book (For any period)
  • Bank Book (For any period)
  • Petty Cash Book (Branch Wise)
  • Journal Book (For any period)
  • Cheque History (Clear, Dishonor, pending Reports for any period)
  • Ledger Book (For any period)
  • Daily Transaction Report
  • Receipts & Payments Statement (For any period)
  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet

For more than 8 years, Ultimate IT has been a major provider of retail in-store inventory management and shop operations software. See how we collaborate with different sized businesses across a variety of industries, from world-famous department stores to grocery retailers to Surgical, Feed product, and multi-chain fashion shops, in our in-store retail examples.


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