Project Management System

Advantage of Using Project Management software Mar 21, 2023

and tools such as calendars, email, and productivity suites.  Project management software can be used in a variety of industries and settings, including software development, construction, marketing, and education. It is designed to improve project outcomes by increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and providing greater visibility and accountability throughout the project.

Here are some features and facilities of the Project Management System:

  1. Project Setup: Different projects can be prepared by setting clients. Thereby of which the income and expenses of a project can be calculated. As a result, project-wise profit loss can be calculated.
  2. Product Auto Issue: Inventory can be managed by the auto issue of products before the product is added to the product inventory.
  3. Multi-Store/Location Manage: Multi-stock location can be set.
  4. Re-Order/Set Minimum Quantity: A product reorder report can be obtained by setting the minimum quantity of the product.
  5. Inventory History: Product details history (purchase, issue, transfer) can be seen in the inventory.
  6. Stock Transfer: Stock to the Stock products can be transferred.
  7. Set Project Cost: There is a system to set the approximate cost of the project so that the admin will be notified if the cost level is crossed.
  8. Multi-Voucher Entry Process: There is an option to do a multi-voucher entry from one entry system.
  9.  Entry Approbation: Admin can check voucher after user voucher entry.
  10.  Cheque History: There is an option to view cheque details history from the cheque register.
  11.  Accounts Details Report: There is an option to view category-wise ( cash, payment voucher, cash receive voucher, journal voucher) separately from the daily voucher report.


Project management software is a tool or a set of tools designed to help individuals and teams manage projects more efficiently. These software applications provide a variety of features to help users plan, track, and complete projects from start to finish.

The software typically includes features such as project profit loss calculation, task assignment, resource allocation, budgeting, time tracking, collaboration, and various reporting. It can be used in various industries, including construction, software development, marketing, Interior and Exterior firms, and many others.

Project management software can be hosted locally or accessed through the cloud, which allows users to access the tool from any device with internet access.

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